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844FESCORE, Finally Excellent Score's mission is to have a positive, lasting impact on each one of our customers' lives. It is our responsibility to efficiently and efficiently assist our customers' in restoring their credit scores, help them qualify for a mortgage's and other loan products; provide them with financial education, financial resources and ultimately help them achieve their personal goals of future financial freedom.
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Finally Excellent Score

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Finally Excellent Score-844FESCORE-844-337-2673 was started in January of 2015  . Lack of Access to Money........ Life sometimes throws a curve-ball and you end up unexpectedly needing money, such as in our case--a brain stem stroke, or to pay off a medical emergency or to help out a loved one in need. Bad credit reduces your access to money, which makes you more vulnerable during emergencies.
Do you know someone with less than perfect credit? We did. As a matter of fact, our experience within the world of credit was how Financial Education Services was started. We saw a problem that many American’s began facing years ago, and unfortunately, it was on the rise.
In 2004 Financial Education Services built a system that would not only aid in cleaning up inaccurate, obsolete or erroneous items from consumer credit reports, but would involve each customer to increase their education on the harmful financial effects of negative credit. As less than reputable companies began making an appearance and creating hesitation among consumers who were looking for reliable answers, our goal was to ensure our company gained a stable reputation based on loyalty and trust. We knew it was important for those involved in our service to know exactly how it worked, have their questions answered and receive the personal attention and explanation they needed. Our solution meant bringing in strong, motivated individuals looking for an opportunity to help others while enhancing their own financial opportunities.
Credit education has been missing from every curriculum, from grade school, through junior high, in to High School and even through graduate schools. As our consumer base began to grow, and with every new representative entering into the business, we heard countless stories of financial stress and concern. We’ve shared our story of a brain stem stroke suffered by my best friend, husband, and soul-mate and how just four month after we got married; life as we knew it was gone in an instant—living off of a Police Officer’s pension, maintaining a home, car note, life insurance policies, car insurance policies, household bills, and of course buying groceries had become a stress and strain for us. Even after I returned to work it was difficult catching up and bringing our credit back up. Many people don’t realize that they have credit problems until it was too late. What’s worse is the alarming amount of errors that are being reported in consumer credit files, costing many American’s thousands of dollars every year. Our finances will affect us our entire lives, therefore, we realized that we needed to create a lifetime solution. We found that lifetime solution with the FES Protection Plan membership.  We became independent agents, Finally Excellent Score, with Financial Education Services and are proud to work with such dedicated, hardworking people.
Financial Education Services explored and created countless financial programs over the last 11 years, aiming to satisfy the need for financial security, they realized that all of their products were crucial to creating a secure financial future--all important pieces to the financial puzzle. To ensure our customers had the opportunity to enhance their entire financial scenario, they created the FES Protection Plan. This multiproduct program contains our entire product line and is consistently being updated and working towards advancement.
We are proud to say that we still stand behind our services with the same integrity and mindset that entered us into this industry. The same questions are still constantly on our mind: Are our customers happy? How can we improve? What else can we offer to help those wanting to create security over their financial futures? Hearing life changing stories from our customers and representatives continues to remind us the importance of financial education.
Whether you’re looking for help within your own financial scenario or are here to explore a limitless business opportunity, your success is within reach Financial Education Services. Contact Finally Excellent Score, independent agents at 844-337-2673.