entertainment (such as through games, films, or shows) that is designed to teach something

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A generation of American kids grew up singing the catchy tunes that were a integral part of "Schoolhouse Rock." These animated shorts incorporate songs that illustrate educational subjects such as history, science, multiplication tables and basic grammar.

Great Books to Read

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Enjoy additional educational resources and solutions that will assist you & your family.  

Financial literacy is the ability of individuals to make appropriate financial decisions in managing their personal finances. People have always been responsible for managing their own personal day-to-day finances—making sure they have enough to pay the rent or mortgage each month, the electricity bill, the gas bill, saving up for that trip to the Caribbean; paying for a new appliance when the old one isn't working any longer; as well as determining how much to put aside for those bigger considerations like saving for a child’s education  or even setting up a trust fund.

Financial education is increasingly important—and not just for investors. It is becoming increasingly essential for the average family trying to decide how to balance its budget, buy a home, fund the children’s education, and ensure an income when you are finally able to retire. Financial literacy is what allows you to make educated and informed decisions.

Poorly informed financial decisions by individuals who generally believe that they are far more financially literate than is really the case has become an increasing concern for U.S. citizens.
Use the resources on this page to find worksheets, budgets, spreadsheets, articles, and educational tools in plain English so that you able to make better financial decisions for you and your family. These resources were hand-picked out of thousands of resources.  Use what you can and share the rest with other family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors and strangers, when you can.